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Officer Nominations & Elections are schedule as follows:
Starting May 21st. Notice shall be broadcast 2 weeks prior to officer nominations that begin
June 4th to June 10th.

Election shall be one week June 18th thru 24th. 

Officers consist of:
Vice president
Secretary Treasurer
all other positions are appointed

New Officer Installation will be July 22nd at Sandy Beach Park in Rio Vista California at
approximately 4:00PM

Our annual Western Country Cousin Picnic and installation of Officers will be at the Solano County Park called SANDY BEACH in Rio Vista CA.

We will be in camp site 11 from July 18 thru July 23, 2017.

Our site has power and water.

Tent sites are also available. There are hotels in Rio Vista. http://www.solanocounty.com/depts/rm/countypark/sandybeach.asp The installation dinner will be on Saturday July 22 at approx 4:00 PM. Maps and details will be posted on W6CCN QRZ page.

A message from the president of the American Radio Relay League (You Tube Video)
Our Mission

We as Amateur Radio Operators are a unique group. We
are a proud group who all passed a license examinations
and received license to operate on our assigned
frequencies. We all have knowledge that has been
expanded thru study, hard work and practice.

With our gained knowledge, most of us have chosen
slightly different paths within our Ham realm. Some are
here for public service, others to experiment with ATV,
Digital modes, building and design or to socialize with
others with like interests etc. The list goes on and on.

We are self policing, we are independent, we help one
another and we all enjoy more than one aspect of our
hobby. I know I have left out lots but I wanted to open a
subject I believe we should pursue. Public Relations and

Our net has a Picnic/Camp Out during last week in July
every year. We have additional functions but wanted to
use this as an example.

Our Picnic/ Camp Out will be advertised in several Ham
Radio group magazine and news letters. But we need
more. Let’s let every group, Organization, and Public news
media know we are there. Let the public know they are
welcome to visit, socialize and find out what Ham Radio is
about. Spread the word on Kids Day, Field Day and every

With that said, I believe our net would benefit from a new
appointed position of Public Relations Officer. Someone
who can “spread the word”. Do we have a volunteer?

73, and have FUN!

Cousin Roy N5SWE

Map of RV park in Brookings OR