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Brian AG6GX is your web master, and I am open to any comments or suggestions you may have. You can send me email in the form below.
Thank you.

Cousin Dennis (WB6CGJ) is moderating a slow speed CW net on Thursdays at 8:30PM (PT)
on 3970KHz one half hour prior to the regular net. If you are interested in polishing up your CW
skills or are just starting out, please come by and give it a try. All are welcome.

I have also collected a number of resources that help explain what Ham Radio is about, The
first of these in the list below is aimed at the persons just getting started in ham radio either
prior to obtaining there license or just after getting there license.

Randy Hall - K7AGE - Starting out in Ham Radio

Amateur Logic TV - Assorted Videos on Ham Radio

British Amateur Radio

Antenna - N4UED tells how to build a HF antenna from scratch and other fun stuff

One additional item is a photo from Cousin Jim (NB6TE) that shows a scale model of a doublet
antenna (below) this antenna uses ladder line and wire elements that are cut to length to tune the frequency of the antenna, but can be used on many different frequencies as well.