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Cousin John (W6JPP) is recovering from a broken leg
Cards and well wishes would be appreciated.
John Parks
889 Bagdad Place
San Jose, California
Cousin Joe (K7JAL) is recovering from a broken vertebra
Cards and well wishes would be appreciated.
Joe. A. Lankford
203 Almadon St.
Enumclaw, WA, 98022
email: joealmadon43@comcast.net
Cousin Bob (K7RON) will enter hospital on Dec. 5th for
hip replacement surgery. Address is good in QRZ.com.
Bob Novak - rdnovakjr@gmail.com
If you have information regarding your or a Member's
health or welfare and would like to have it posted here
please contact:

Cousin Roy N5SWE. Or you may contact the web master
using the form below with any Health & Welfare issues
you would like posted here. We will get the information
posted here as soon as possible.

Each announcement of health and welfare posted here will
normally remain on the website for a period of at least
three to five days. As we receive H & W updates we will
post them here as well.

Please support our members and their family dealing with
health and welfare issues by sending them a card or letter.

Please help keep our members informed ...